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The US patented O2 tube system is engineered to industrial standards ensuring accurate delivery of power and air flow between the O2 Tube Electrolysis Cells and the control and air panels. The control and air panels are designed to operate four O2 Tube Cells installed within a 150 foot radius. Our control panels are manufactured to the finest quality to ensure accurate power (amp) delivery to the O2 Tube Cells. Thus Ensuring production of dissolved oxygen by our patented O2 Tube Cells is precise and measurable by standard sampling procedures. This allows geologists and environmental consultants to provide clients with the most accurate cost analysis for each site possible barring all site specific conditions. The control panel also contains the analog timer which can be set to operate any 15 minute interval twenty four hours a day. Each individual cells voltage can be adjusted and metered to assure even oxygen production and to indicate when O2 Tube Cell maintenance is required. The air control panel incorporates individual air flow adjustment to each cell. The complete system operates on a single phase, 110 volt, 10 amp grounded power outlet.
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