O2Tube can solve your groundwater problems in all types of soils. O2Tubes mission is to enhance bioremediation in any site without chemicals ... Naturally.

O2Tube Distributors
IES Drilling Supplies (e-mail) Pearl City, Illinois (800)388-2906 Contact: Conrad Iandola
Remediation Specialties, LLC. Texas (972) 416-6333 Contact: Perry Evans
United Science Industries Southern Illinois - 800-372-8740 Contact: Dan King or Joe Kelly

O2Tube Technical Information
Gas City, IN site This site was first test of treating a lower aquifer lense (2 mb pdf)
Latest Pineville, MO Data The data shows BTEX and MTBE reduction of 70% and 45% in less than 8 months. Look at the oxygen and ORP levels.
Missouri DNR Letter This is letter that OK'd Missouri test site (pdf)
O2Tube Patent Cover Page This is the front page of the O2Tube patent which can be seen in full at the United States Patent Office website.
Oxygen Produced This single page handout explains the relation between amps and oxygen produced.
Startup Information This paper describes why contaminants increase at start up (2 mb pdf)
Sullivan Visual DO Data This visual presentation of the DO data during the Sullivan study is awesome!
Sullivan Visual ORP Data This visual presentation of the ORP data during the Sullivan study is awesome!
Sullivan, IL site This is Illinois site that demonstrated the O2Tube system in silts, clays and loams. (2mb pdf)
Technical Handout This manual contains engineering information (20 pages, 3 mb)

Environmental Regulators and Regulation
Florida DEP Link Florida DEP Letter of Acceptance

Scientific and Engineering Sites
askaChE website. A complete listing of websites associated with Chemical Engineering.

Professional Associations
Association of Engineering Geologists 
Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association 

Other Interesting Sites
Environmental Protection Advertisement. Ad running in the Nov/Dec issue of the Environmental Protection, and Oil Can Magazines.
What the EPA says about O2Tubes. Illinois EPA response to demonstration.
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